Maryborough Aboriginal Housing Corporation & Cultural Development

Heal Country Temporary Tattoo

“NAIDOC 2021 Heal Country – Temporary Tattoos with full colour NAIDOC 2021 artwork.
Artist: Aleerah Baker

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Story: My piece represents the Heal Country theme for NAIDOC 2021. The centre shows our country and the importance of the aboriginal people in the healing of our land.

The knowledge and cultural practices are represented in the journey lines and how these practices are the key to the way in which healing can take place.

Each colour represents an important element of the land – water, earth, sun & spirituality.

The elements of the earth depict their importance to preservation. The dots show the coming together of all people to acknowledge our history and how the custodians of our land are the key to healing both land and lives of our people. ”

Size: 44mm (H) x 44mm (W)