Maryborough Aboriginal Housing Corporation & Cultural Development
Moonaboola Meeting Place

Moonaboola Meeting Place

Promoting Indigenous Creativity & Enterprise

What's on Offer

Here at Moonaboola Meeting Place we offer space within our own store to promote our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and its people.

In need of advice or support?

We can help by providing:

  • Business Support and Assistance
  • Assistance with developing Authenticity Paperwork
  • Assistance with developing Copyright Paperwork

What we are Selling...

Products on offer range from artwork to apparel to food products.

The stock in our store displays both our own branded merchandise and the products of local indigenous community members.

Sell your products in our shop front we have space for:

  • Artworks and craftwork
  • Traditional native flavours
  • Apparel and Accessories

We Do Events

Moonaboola Meeting Place is a social enterprise hub.

Moonaboola Meeting Place Team will support local events

Moonaboola Meeting Place will offer:

  • Artist Workshops
  • Promotional Days
  • Yarning Circles